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     iMarksman® Use of Force Target Simulator
for Self Defense training

 iMarksman® Dry-Fire Target Systems is a perfect tool for individual training (refine the quality of the trigger pull, improve accuracy and holster-drawing techniques).
 For personal defence it will help making decisions on when to shoot and how long to shoot for to eliminate a threat.      Click to learn more
     iMarksman® Sport Package
  With iMarksman® Sport Package you will be able to recreate IPSC/IDPA/USPSA stages and make your dry fire practice more dynamic.

 Design your own exercise according to the recommendations of the Champions in comfort of your home or in any classroom.
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     iMarksman® Dry Fire Lasers
  With iMarksman® you will be able to use your own firearms to train.
  Our Dry Fire laser devices will fit handguns and rifles from .22 up to .50 and shotguns 12; 16 and 20 G. Airsoft and Paintball guns will work as a laser simulators with our tactical laser dry fire insert.   
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     iMarksman® Simulators
  We offer the Laser handgun Simulators for M&P Smith&Wesson and Glock.
The full size simulators will fit regular duty holsters.
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     iMarksman® Compact Targets
  With help of our Low cost Targets you will be able to practice anywhere.
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